About work with project

Every participant of the internship have his own job and task. All members are split up into different
teams which contains two group members for each team. We got six different teams. Teams are split
up by their speciality. We got web design, graphic design, video editors, forms writers and computer
repair teams. Each team have their own purposes and tasks for this project. For example – graphic
designers work with Photoshop. They are making design for various bucklets and posters.

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excursion into mount Teide.

All participants of internship from Lithuania had excursion into mount Teide saturday. Mount Teide is a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary
Islands. Its 3,718-metre summit is the highest point in Spain above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. The volcano and its surroundings
comprise Teide National Park, which has an area of 18,900 hectares. Teide is the most visited natural wonder of Spain, the most visited national
park in Spain and Europe.

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First day at Puerto De La Cruz was wonderful !!!

Before arriving at Puerto De La Cruz in Tenerife, we didn’t though that this city will be that amazing.
Before visiting the Island we found a lot of information about the places located in Tenerife and also about the things which tourists can do in this Island.
We saw a lot of pictures of Tenerife beautiful nature on the internet and we knew that the places in the Island are very nice, but when
we saw it in reality with our own eyes it was ten times more amazing and beautiful. Continue reading